Almost Empties and a Failed Experiment

Almost Empties and a Failed Experiment

Today’s post is a bit of a different flavor – I will be talking about some of my base makeup which is nowhere near as sexy as my duochrome eyeshadows but an essential nonetheless.

After returning from a week=long vacation, I was perusing my makeup drawer this morning trying to decide what combination of products will form my return-to-work look. I came across one product that I have been working on for some time.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

This is described as a ‘translucent face primer get that smooths skin and blurs flaws’. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer is available for CAD$44 at Sephora for the standard 30ml size.

I have been nursing this product for years – I have had this for nearly 2.5 years by my estimate. My goal now is to pan this by the end of the week – by my estimate, I have another 3-4 days of use left in this.

I really like this primer – I would have worked through this a lot quicker had I not discovered my favorite – the Dr. Brandt Pores No More primer (I covered this in a recent blog post on my March staples).

I have recently been rediscovering my Smashbox primer and I really enjoy it. I love how lightweight it is – it has an airy, gel texture and it sinks right into your skin without leaving an oily residue. It is great under liquid foundations and does help extend wear times. It has a more natural finish and is not dehydrating – it gives an almost silken texture to my skin which means liquid foundation just glides right on top of it.

I will most probably repurchase this product.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Photo Credit: Too Faced Cosmetics

Sephora was carrying a ton of samples of this foundation in various shades last year – I got pouches of these several times with different purchases at Sephora. I just opened up the last pouch this morning, also with the intent of finishing it by the end of the week.

The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is available in 24 shades at Sephora for CAD$49 for the 30ml size.

The foundation is described as an ‘oil-free, medium-to-full coverage, natural-looking, radiant foundation’.

The pouch I opened today is in the color, Vanilla (fair w/ neutral undertones), which, unfortunately, is too light for me. I used it today anyway and blended out my look with strategically placed bronzer, blush, and highlighter, which somewhat helped neutralize the color.

I do like this foundation and – after sampling several colors – I conclude that my true color is Sand (medium w/ gold undertones). The consistency is more liquid – almost runny which is good because it allows me to control the coverage (I like lighter coverage for work). I also feel that the foundation doesn’t sit on my skin or cause itchiness like some other liquid foundations I have tried. I do find it somewhat drying, especially on my nose and under-eye area. I find this interesting because the brand particularly touts the hydrating qualities of this foundation.

Some of the reviews I read on this also talked about breakouts – I had no such issues with this and my skin tends to the sensitive side. I put this on in the morning and forget I am wearing it for the balance of the day. It provides a smooth, long-lasting finish.

I am throwing away my last sample pouch due to the color mismatch but will likely purchase the full size version in the future.

Green Marble Selr

Photo Credit: Premiere Products

I recently discovered this product in the far reaches of my utility drawer. Green Marble Selr is a setting spray of sorts – primarily for use in theatre. I was recently reading an article about a cost saving hack on makeup – theatrical makeup is generally more durable and cheaper than regular mid to high end makeup and can be a great alternative to pricier products.

I love my Ben Nye concealer and setting powder so this morning, I thought – what the heck, let’s try this Green Marble Selr spray to set my makeup.

I originally purchased the Green Marble Selr from Studio F/X in Vancouver – the 1 oz bottle is available for CAD$19. This was originally meant to be a final step in covering up some arm scarring for an event that involved a fancy gown. I haven’t really used it since then.

The product was thick, sticky, and dense. I shouldn’t have been surprised as the selling point of this product is that it dries down to be alcohol resistant which means that it forms an impenetrable film over which additional makeup can be layered. Definitely more suited for much heavier artistry than my everyday work makeup. The spray was difficult to apply – it comes out as a heavier liquid than the fine mist of usual makeup setting sprays.

The stickiness from this spray lingered on my skin all day long and I had to rub my makeup off in the shower at the end of the workday. I did find that my makeup remained flawless throughout the workday (uncomfortable as my skin felt). Nothing budged – my highlighter was still sitting pertly at the high points of my face (I almost always experience some fading).

I am still on the fence about whether this product is going in the trash or not – I definitely will not be using it for my regular workday makeup but maybe it has a home in the furthest reaches of my makeup drawer for a fancier, heavier-handed evening look.


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