April 2018 – Favorite Duochrome Eyeshadows

April 2018 – Favorite Duochrome Eyeshadows

If you have been following me, you are aware that I am a duochrome junkie. I am perpetually on the hunt for new and unique duochrome shades that make it look like I put a lot more effort into my eyeshadow than I actually did.

Today, I am sharing with you some recent finds that are giving me heart palpitations this month. You can find the previous iteration of this post (my favorite duochrome eyeshadows for March 2018) here: March Favorite Duochromes


JD Glow Cosmetics Galaxy Eyeshadow – Prismatic

After sampling some of the eyeshadows from the JD Glow Galaxy collection, I now (of course) want them all. Unfortunately I missed the 50% off sale the brand had recently (I thought the sale was ending a day later than it actually was); however, I have my eye on the rest of the collection at the next opportunity I get. I purchased the eyeshadows I own at full price (which is very reasonable, esp for such a large pan), but who doesn’t like a good deal!

I paid US $ 7.50 for a 37mm pan.

For April, I am loving the JD Glow eyeshadow, ‘Prismatic’. Prismatic is described on the company’s website as:

Shimmery lime green with yellow, blue, purple, pink, and teal reflects.

Here are my swatches (both in indoor lighting):

This is an unusual colour for me – the lighter greens do not usually work for my medium tan skintone. However, the shimmer overlay of this one counterbalances the pastel undertone of this one. I am loving this one as a lid shade when combined with a darker crease and outer V.


Pat McGrath Mothership II Sublime Palette – VR Nectar

I own the Pat McGrath Sublime and Subversive eyeshadow palettes – this was definitely one of the most (if not the most) anticipated launches of last year. I find that the eyeshadows deliver for the most part – what I don’t like about the formula is how densely packed it is. You really need to layer to get a full color payoff.

Having said that, the shadows are great for softer looks and buildable for when you want to bring the glam. They are perfect for a more refined, sophisticated look.

The price point is high – I paid CAD $170 for the full palette which includes 10 colors. I justified it by breaking the cost down on a per shadow basis – and I am glad I bit the bullet on this one!

My favorite right now from the Sublime palette is the shade, VR Nectar. This is described as:

Peachy pink with gold pearl.

Here are my swatches:

Indoor Lighting:

Next to Natural Light Source (Window):

Away from Light Source (In day-lit room):

This is a beautiful duochrome that manifests as a subtle, shimmery, dull gold in some lighting but quickly shifts to a glossy peachy pink in others. What I love about this is that is is a very wearable gold which makes it a good inner corner highlight even for workdays.

If you really want to take it to the next level, wear it as a highlighter.


Smolder Cosmetics Loose Glam Dust – Pink Gold

Smolder Cosmetics is a brand I discovered on Instagram – and promptly ordered a selection of the brand’s loose glam dusts which are multi-purpose pigments for eyes, face, lips, nails, etc. Smolder was one of the first Indie brands that I tried – so I somewhat attribute my Indie obsession to their standout pigments.

Pink Gold is described as:

Shimmery duochrome soft pink shade with a gold flip.

I paid US $9.00 for a 1.5g jar.

Here are my swatches:

Indoor Lighting

Next to Natural Light Source (Window):

I love this because it is a gorgeous duochrome for work – just enough sizzle but not too much shine in indoor lighting. I spend most of my time in the office – so I love sturdy, long-lasting duochrome eyeshadows that deliver rich pigment but are not flashing colour and sparkle across the room.

I also like to wear this as a highlighter for a dewy, rosy glow.


Dawn Eyes Cosmetics – Ravishing

What can I say about Dawn Eyes Cosmetics – this company is a hidden, self-effacing gem. The owner barely markets herself and quietly produces the most gorgeous, vibrant, jaw-dropping duochrome pigments. The colour is rich and fairly unobtrusive when jarred. When you start to layer on over a sticky base, unexpected, striking colors pop out.

This mineral eyeshadow layers really well – you don’t see any flecks of glitter. The formula is creamy and spreads like butter and leaves a satiny, metallic finish.

I bought sample jars of the Premiums collection – it wouldn’t be fair to even call these duochrome. Multichrome or polychrome would be a more apt description.

I paid US$ 4.00 for clamshell samples of the Premium shades. The full size ones are available for US $18.00 each for a 5g jar. The shade I am loving this month is called ‘Ravishing’. Ravishing is described as:

Runs the spectrum from magenta to copper orange to gold to green, no added sparkle.

Here are my swatches:

Both swatches are in indoor lighting.

There isn’t really much more to say about these. These will take over a room – good luck convincing your non makeup loving friends that this is actually one shade.


Aroma Leigh – Vernicia

Aroma Leigh’s duochrome mineral eyeshadows are complex, colour traveling pigments that are all constructed around some kind of theme based on fine art, nature, mythology, etc. The company purveys a wide variety of duochrome pigments – I first discovered them early on in my duochrome obsession and ordered a large collection of sample jars to try out. I actually found Aroma Leigh through a Google search – this was before I discovered Instagram and the #duochromeeyeshadow that has opened up a tantalizing world of Indie cosmetics and hand-crafted artisanal eyeshadows.

The shade I am lusting after this month is called ‘Vernicia’. Vernicia is described as:

A smoky teal base with strong colour travel from gold to copper to reddish pink. Often, the base can be overpowered and give this shade a warm green or brown green appearance.

I paid US $3.50 for the demi-sample which consists of ⅛ tsp in a jar. This is good for 5-6 applications depending on how much you use.

Here are my swatches:

Indoor Lighting:

Next to Natural Light Source (Window):

What do you think of my April favorite duochromes? What duochrome eyeshadows would you recommend?

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