Clionadh Cosmetics Witchcraft & Alchemy

Clionadh Cosmetics Witchcraft & Alchemy

Clionadh Cosmetics ( is a homegrown Canadian Indie company based out in Toronto. I discovered Clionadh last year and now cannot get enough! I stalk them on Instagram and make eyes at any swatches I see. Needless to say, I love the versatility of Clionadh’s products – they are seamless from day to night and from the workplace to date night. The shadows are buildable – you can wear them for a muted, dynamic, subtly shifty contrast for work or you can layer them over a sticky base for a more bold look for nighttime.

When I originally came across Clionadh, I was searching for Indie-made duochrome shadows (obviously). The Clionadh Witchcraft and Alchemy palettes each offer 9 duochrome eyeshadows and 2 duochrome highlighters. Purchasing both the Witchcraft and Alchemy palettes at CAD $80.00 a pop or CAD $145.00 for the bundle seemed to be too big of a commitment for a first order.

I, therefore, picked out a selection of the shadows and highlighters to test this brand out. Now that I have been using Clionadh products for over 6 months, I, of course, regret not buying both the palettes. I want to order them now but do not want duplicates in my collection which is vast enough as it is. I am thinking that maybe I will buy both palettes and de-pot the eyeshadows and highlighters I already own and use them for an Instagram giveaway. Thoughts?


I swatched the eyeshadows over regular primer and photographed them under my indoor vanity light and also next to my windows, which presents a natural light source.

Indoor Vanity Lighting:


Natural Lighting:

Each eyeshadow single costs CAD$ 6.50 for a 26mm pan.

From Left to Right: (descriptions from Clionadh’s website are in italics next to the shadow name)


Aqua Fortis a medium aqua base with a yellow-gold reflect.

The yellow gold reflect is a lot more apparent in indoor lighting. In natural lighting, the reflect appears a lot more white gold with a flash of pale yellow. The aqua is a lot more vivid and intense in indoor lighting and is a beautiful fresh blue in natural light.

Crystalline a cool-toned purple with a lime green reflect.

I didn’t see the lime green in this one. The purple is overlaid by a brilliant violet at some angles and lighting (particularly indoor white light). Where the light hits, you see a bright aqua. It is a very pretty shade. Purple eyeshadows can be harsh on me but this is complex enough to flatter.

Shroom a grungy golden brown base with a bright pearlized reflect with hints of turquoise and pink.

This is a really interesting shade but very, very hard to accurately photograph. The pearl effect is quite pronounced but the shift is elusive and disappears and reappears with a slight turn of my arm (or head when I am wearing it). You can pick up the pink – a rose almost – best in indoor lighting; however, I do not see any turquoise.

Toadstool a rusty red base with a bright green reflect.

This one is stunning and works really well with my skintone – this works great for work when I am looking to do a conservative, contoured look but also want the unconventional side of my personality to shine through. The red base provides a beautiful rose-brown toned root for the buds of shimmer on top of it. The lime green is best seen in indoor, ideally white, lighting.

Prophecy coral pink with a gold reflect.

This eyeshadow is true to its description. It is a very pretty, universally flattering colour story which is perfect for warm spring weather.


I also own Wormwood from this collection; in fact, this one is my favorite. However, I have covered it more than once in the past and will direct your attention to the following post which includes swatches: 

March Favorite Duochrome Eyeshadows


I also own two duochrome highlighters from this collection.


I swatched these in indoor vanity lighting and also near my natural light source.

The highlighters are CAD$ 14.00 each for a 37mm pan.

Indoor Vanity Lighting:

Natural Lighting:



Phoenix Embersa neutral-toned peach base with notes of lilac that shifts to light gold and has rainbow micro-sparkles.

I don’t really see this as having a ‘peach’ base – to me, this is definitely a dirty pink. In outdoor lighting, it appears a lot lighter, and almost indistinguishable from Enchantment. In indoor lighting, it appears darker and and rosier. The reflect is a pale, burnished light gold. The micro-sparkles add beautiful dimension which play with the light.


Enchantment a pale rose base with a light green shift and green and red micro-sparkles.

This is more subtle when compared to Phoenix Embers but no less pretty. The colour is a faded yet rosy pink – I wouldn’t have thought this would work on my skintone but somehow it does. The pink is not harsh – it is more of the ‘healthy glow’ variety. I see no green in this – the reflect is more of a silver and the red micro-sparkles enhance the base colour rather than stand out on their own.


Overall, these are beautiful duochrome products that I reach for often. I like that the duochrome can be as subtle or as pronounced as you like which makes them perfect for work. I love the jaw-dropping, mind-blowing unreal magic of duochromes that make you question reality – Dawn Eyes Cosmetics immediately comes to mind. However, I find it challenge to dull the intensity of these types of duochrome to make them appropriate for the workplace.

Have you tried Clionadh? If yes, what are your favorite products from this Indie? Do share in your comments!

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