Darling Girl Cosmetics Supernova Chromashift

Darling Girl Cosmetics Supernova Chromashift

I recently picked up a selection of the new Darling Girl Cosmetics (http://shopdarlinggirl.com/) Supernova Chromashift shadows. The duochrome lover in me cannot stop myself from being all over any new duochrome releases – and this one did not disappoint!

The Supernova Chromashift pigments are described on Darling Girl’s website as:

Ultra shifty metallic pigments that are out of this world!

At the moment, all of the pigments are sold out on the company’s website (which doesn’t surprise me). I believe this is at least the third time they have sold out.

Each of the shadows comes in a 3g jar with sifter. The shadow itself weighs between 0.6-0.8g. The cost is USD 9.50 per jar which I think is fair.

I purchased the following shadows. The italicized description against each is from the brand’s website.

Intergalactic (Left): This beauty shifts, red, orange, yellow and has some shy pink sparkle.

Chromashit (Right): Bronze, orange, yellow with pink micro-glitter.

*Side note: If you are shocked by the name (as was I), it is the result of a typo the owner made in the original release. She liked it so much, she kept it!

Check out my swatches. All are under different lighting conditions.

Galactic Halo: Shifts from bright emerald, to blue, to purple to bronze.

This one wasn’t exactly true to description – I got no bronze and no emerald green but a beautiful gradient of blue and purple.

Cosmic Dust (Left): Gold/green lovers rejoice! Cosmic Dust is the most gorgeous, metallic, gold that shifts chartreuse, a lovely sage green and even hints of bronze.

Horizon (Right): Shift from deep metallic magenta to bronze/gold, to golden chartreuse with gold and blue iridescence.


To me these were virtually identical with minor variation at different angles.

Big Bang (Left): This beauty has hues of blue, purple, red-violet and bronze and is laced with aqua/purple sparkle.

Sparkleactica (Center): Starts out a deepish olive green and shifts, a brighter green, then golden chartreuse, teal with hints of blue and aqua sparkle. This one does stain your skin blue but it didn’t stain my eyes.

Gravity (Right): Burnished bronze, shifting red, chartreuse and brighter green.


All of these are swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy – they apply smoothly with no chunky glitter. Definitely recommend if you like bold, unexpected, jaw-to-the-floor pigments that command a room!

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