March Favorites: A Love Affair with Duochromes

March Favorites: A Love Affair with Duochromes

I am a sucker for all things duochrome. It is easy to create a stunning look with only one dynamic, color-shifting shade. Indies do an incredible job of creating fresh, vivid, and innovative duochromes. I collect both duochrome eyeshadows and duochrome highlighters; however, I find it is more fun to play with duochrome eyeshadows given the innumerable vibrant color combinations you can work with.

Below are swatches of some of my favorites this month. I use all of these shades as standalone without blending or enhancing with any other colors. All of these are statement-making enough to stand on their own and you can get multiple looks in one depending upon the angle and intensity of the light. I wear them to the office and also on date nights; all it takes is a sticky base to take a professional look next-level.

Clionadh Cosmetics – Wormwood

Clionadh is an indie cosmetics company based out in Toronto:

Wormwood is part of their Witchcraft vs Alchemy duochrome collection. You can find this shade in their Alchemy duochrome palette (retails for CAD$80) or buy it standalone for CAD$6.50.

Here is a description of Wormwood from Clionadh’s website:

A vampy burgundy base with a bright turquoise-blue reflect.

I swatched Wormwood over Fyrinnae Cosmetics’ Pixie Epoxy primer, which is my favorite sticky base; it really helps bring out the vibrance and contrast in duochrome eyeshadows. On a workday, I usually only use regular primer (I mostly use Nyx eyeshadow base in nude) to keep the look more muted and professional.


From left:

Indoor lighting (my vanity). The base looks more violet here and you can really see the turquoise flecks.

Sunlight – brings out the brilliance in the turquoise shift, making it appear more jewel-toned and more densely packed over the violet base.

Brighter indoor yellow lighting – Hello, burgundy!

This is the beauty of duochromes – the effect looks completely different depending on the lighting and angle, which makes them incredibly versatile.

I am also including a couple of photos of the pan (I bought this standalone and not in the Alchemy palette). The packing was sturdy and I particularly like how the company attached bolstering magnets on the plastic casing to avoid the shadow bumping around and potentially breaking apart inside.

Although Wormwood is the shade I am pulling out most often this month, the entire Witchcraft & Alchemy collection is a great addition to any duochrome fanatic’s collection! I will be swatching more shades in future posts.

Inglot – 84

Inglot is a European-origin multinational cosmetics company that is slowly spreading its brand presence in North America:

I picked up a few pots of their pure pigment eyeshadows on a business trip to Toronto late last year. They do not yet have a store in Vancouver. These pigments are pricier at CAD$22 a pop.

The #84 is a pure chunky pigment and a little harder to work with than my pressed pans. However, the color effect makes it worth it – although I am less likely to reach for it when I am rushing out the door in the morning.

Inglot has its own mixing medium, Duraline, which is meant to intensify the color and turn the pigments into a paste for easy application. You can also mix with Duraline if you intend to wear the shade as an eyeliner. I find that more Duraline makes the eyeshadow thinner and more watery which would work if you want to wear it is a topper over other colors. Too little and it makes the mixture chunky and lumpy.

The top (right) swatch is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and the bottom (left) mixed with Duraline – in various lighting. You get a rust / burgundy base layered with various shades of gold and green.



A standalone swatch over Pixie Epoxy – this really brings the drama. Where the light hits it, you see moss green with a darker forest green away from the light.


And finally, the pot.


Fyrinnae – Princess for a Day

Fyrinnae is a small, tenured, independent, US-based company that is known for its unique, multidimensional multichrome pigments.

Princess for a Day is part of their Exquisites collection, which represents Fyrinnae’s strongest color changing shades. Fyrinnae’s description of ‘Princess for a Day’:

Turquoise-blue sparkle tops a sheer burgundy hue for a striking effect. Closer to light or at certain angles, it turns a vivid pink. Very sparkly finish.

The full size 3g jar retails for US$8.40. You can also buy the mini version (1/4th teaspoon) for US$3.15.

Under my indoor, vanity white light, this color appears a lot pinker shifting to silver / baby blue where the light hits it.


In brighter, more vivid lighting, you can see the brighter pink / burgundy pop up.


And here is the pot. Fyrinnae’s shadows are silkier and less powdery than other loose pigments I work with. The inclusion of synthetic oils means that oftentimes, the shadow appears clumpy in the pot but will easily turn into a gorgeous smear of color when you press down on it with your brush.


When i first got this in the mail, I was dubious that such a sparkly pink could work with my darker, South Asian skin tone. However, I am nothing if not adventurous with makeup and this color continues to delight me with newly discovered hues everytime I wear it.

JD Glow Cosmetics – Unexpected

JD Glow is a newer cosmetics company established in 2015 based out in Louisiana in the US.

Unexpected is part of JD Glow’s Galaxy eyeshadow collection.Galaxy shadows are described by the brand as superior and unique with a duochrome & trichrome effect. Unexpected:

Glittery, silvery green / gold w/ purple, green, teal, and gold effects.

Cost is US$7.50 for much more product (37mm pan) than what you usually get. Standard eyeshadow pan size is 26mm.

The top swatch is over regular primer, middle is a finger swatch no primer, and the final is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. In this indoor lighting, the shadow looks primarily brown / rust / silver.


Check out the following swatch under daylight. Definitely seeing a lot more blue, green, teal and purple here!


These pan photos are the most interesting I have taken so far; the shift is unmistakable, dynamic, and absolutely mesmerizing! Same position, different angles.


Surreal Makeup – Lava Dragon & Hydra Dragon

Surreal makeup is an indie cosmetics company established in 2011 and based out in Florida.

Both Lava Dragon and Hydra Dragon are part of Surreal’s highly pigmented, duochrome collection.

The shadows are a little pricier and you can only buy the full-size 5g jar. I paid US$15 for each.

The brand’s description of Lava Dragon: intense, bright orange, copper to gold, color shifting

Hydra Dragon: maroon, purple, teal, and blue color shifting

Here are side-by-side swatches of both (both over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy):


Lava Dragon – Dark to light gold, copper, pink, peach, each angle offers a new perspective – absolutely fascinating!


Hydra Dragon – Blue, purple, burgundy, teal, rust, the full spectrum is represented – absolutely magical!


Photos of the pots – Both colors look fairly unassuming in the pot but when you layer them on, they truly turn into dragon scales. I find these colors a little too intense for work but they certainly dress up a date night or evening event look.


So that is it – my favorite duochromes for March. Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment, offer any suggestions, or share with me which duochromes you enjoy best. I am perpetually on the hunt for new and unique color shifting shades.

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