May 2018 – Favorite Duochromes

May 2018 – Favorite Duochromes

We are almost halfway through May (unbelievable) and it is time for my monthly roundup of the duochromes I am loving this month.

All my swatches are over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy sticky base unless otherwise stated.

JD Glow Cosmetics – Peachy Keen

The shadow is described as: Peach w/ green flip

This eyeshadow is part of JD Glow’s Galaxy eyeshadow collection which consists of their color-shifting duochromes. This eyeshadow retails for US$ 7.50 for a 37mm pan. If you are lucky to catch one of their elusive sales, you can probably pick this up for 40-50% off (they run these sales from time to time).

This looks almost entirely peach in the pan, having a shimmery gold overlay at some angles.I do not see the green in the pan at all.

However, when swatched, this happens:

Swatched in indoor vanity lighting

The interface looks silver in the photo but it is more lime green in real life. Also, the peachy base melts into an almost rosy pink at some angles.

The lime green / aqua reflect is more apparent in outdoor lighting, although the duochrome effect looks a little washed out (today was a really bright day!).

On my eye in indoor lighting:

This is swatched over regular primer. It looks almost violet / purple at certain angles.

This one blows me away as the duochrome is so pronounced, so apparent, and so unexpected. It does seem a little more intense on the eye than you would expect, particularly in the harsh outdoor lighting of sunny days – that is my only caution on this product. Lasting power is A+ as long as you use a good primer and the shadow is easy to remove at the end of the day (I use a combination of petroleum jelly and micellar water).


Aroma Leigh – Helleborus Niger

This eyeshadow is described as follows:

Purplish taupe base that shifts to gold and chartreuse and aqua.

I purchased the demi sample which gets you 1/8th teaspoon in a 3g jar (retailing for US$ 3.50). It may seem like a small amount but, for me, it is enough for 10 or more all-over lid applications. A little goes a long way with this – I generally pat the shadow on to a sticky base with a flat or more dense eyeshadow brush. The company recommends using a cream base such as the Nyx cream eyeshadow base. A mini jar (½ teaspoon) costs US$ 7.25 (basically, a bargain).

The below swatch is under my indoor vanity lighting:

The base appears a nearly mahogany and the chartreuse, aqua, and gold reflects are quite apparent in this complex, multi-faceted color.

The color is more washed out in outdoor lighting (which Aroma Leigh indicates on their website) per the top swatch. You can see all the duochrome shades in this swatch too, although the color appears weaker and less pigmented.

The duochrome shift is sharper and more apparent in indoor lighting (as with most duochrome formulas); in outdoor lighting, the shadow appears more shimmery with glittery flecks reflecting on the surface.


Nabla Cosmetics – Alchemy

Described as: burnt peach duochrome with fuchsia and teal reflects.

The 26mm pan only costs Euro 9,90 and you can buy the pan and compact for Euro 11,50. Not right now though – both are currently sold out on the Nabla website. I believe this may be Nabla’s most popular eyeshadow.

I covered this in my Nabla Cosmetics haul review post last month but it is worth talking about again because it is just such a gorgeous duochrome. Here is a link to my previous post: Nabla Cosmetics Haul 

The Nabla Cosmetics formula is creamy with a dense, buttery texture that I find really easy to work with. It is an almost moist consistency which make these shadows great for a ll-over lid colours (my favourite – and easiest – application method!). The downside is that it forms these small lumps in the shadow as you start to wear down the pan – however, these lumps are easy enough to blend out.

Here is a swatch in indoor lighting.

Here are a couple of swatches in outdoor lighting. The two photos are taken at different angles. The first one is in outdoor natural light and the second is directly under sunlight. I continue to discover new shifts and colors in this shadow depending on how I expose it to the light.

Here is a photo of a look I recently did, using Alchemy as an all over lid colour. When doing a single colour lid, I blend up the top edges of the eyeshadow so as to avoid a harsh line. This look was done for work so I did not use Pixie Epoxy (which intensifies and metallizes the shadow to a point beyond appropriate for work). I instead used my Eccentric Cosmetics High Intensity eyeshadow primer (which is a hidden gem from an underappreciated Indie).


Emby Boutiques Duochrome

I recently purchased this duochrome palette from Emby Boutique – another Etsy-based Indie.

This palette was quite pricey – I paid USD $80.00 for the palette which, after shipping, and taxes, ended up being over USD $120.00.

Therefore, my expectations when I received this were high so as to justify my purchase. So far, I have been happy. I do find that the amount of product you get is lower than average keeping the price in mind. Also, the pans are just over half full. However, they do pack a dense, rich pigment punch. I find these pigments are best applied with your fingertip because they are also of the ‘moist’ consistency with is not easily picked up by a brush. If you are going to use a brush, I recommend a dense brush with thick bristles. The pigments do blend together beautifully so using a brush certainly has its benefits!

The color that I am loving this month is this deep orangey, sunset shade, which is perfect for the current Vancouver heatwave. This is the 2nd from left color in the top row.

In each of the photos below, the left swatch is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and the second is a finger swatch with no primer. The intensity of the finger swatch shows the richness and vividness of the color.

Indoor vanity lighting:

Natural lighting at two different angles. The second swatch is taken under direct sunlight.

This offers a burnt orange colour which is a tangerine at some angles and a darker copper tone at others. Truly beautiful. Unfortunately, the shades in my duochrome palette aren’t labeled so I do not have a color name. I am incorporating this quite a bit into my warm weather looks, though!

Are there any duochromes you are really loving these days? Do share in a comment below!

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    1. I completely agree! I am a sucker for duochromes. The oranges are really speaking to me as the weather gets warmer. 😊 Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

    1. I completely agree! They make it look like I put in a lot more effort than I actually did 😊 Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🤗 Yes I find that one is such a complex shade quite like the rest of the Aroma Leigh shadows I own. I am a complete duochrome addict by the way.

    1. Thank you! I completely agree 😊 Duochromes make it easy to put together a bold multi dimensional look which doesn’t take a lot of time.

    1. Yes! I would highly recommend Nabla. I own a bunch of singles and currently have my eye on the 2 palettes – the Dreamy and the Soul Blooming. Thanks so much for commenting. 😊

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