My Favorites from my Natasha Denona Collection

My Favorites from my Natasha Denona Collection

I haven’t jumped on board any of Natasha Denona’s releases this year. The Tropic palette is too pastel and matte for me. The Camel palette is basically all neutrals, and the upcoming Safari palette is already a disappointment for me given that it is expected to be all mattes.

However, I get good use out of the 4 Natasha Denona palettes I currently own. All of them speak to me in a unique way. These are pricey palettes; however, each pan at 2.5g is quite large. I own the following:

Sunset Palette

15 pan palette available for CAD 162.00 at Sephora

Lila Palette

15 pan palette available for CAD 162.00 at Sephora

Star Palette

18 pan palette available for CAD 215.00 at Sephora

Purple Blue Palette

28 pan palette available for CAD 305.00 at Sephora

As you can imagine, this is quite an expensive collection but I always feel so luxurious and radiant when I use these shadows. They blend beautifully and stay on all day. The colours are vibrant and the pigment is rich and they do not need a lot of building up.


Today’s post is swatches of some of my favourite shadows from these 4 palettes. I have organized these in triads which I feel can be put together in cohesive 3-colour looks. All of these are shimmers; however, I have always been a believer that you can indeed put together a fulsome look with shimmers, satins, and metallics only.


Triad 1: L-R

Atmosphere from the Sunset palette – Metallic rose bronze

Metallic Steel Blue from the Purple Blue palette – Deep blue

Magnetic from the Lila palette – Metallic medium bright fuchsia




Triad 2: L-R

Mandarine from the Sunset palette – Duochrome mandarin with gold

Orion from the Star palette – Duochrome green-brown

Vintage from the Purple Blue palette – Red toned brown with shimmer




Triad 3: L-R

Maroon from the Purple Blue palette – Rich burgundy

Cosmo from the Star palette – Sparkling golden olive

Bronzage from the Sunset palette – Chroma crystal light copper




Triad 4: L-R

Cyclone from the Lila palette – Duochrome bronze / copper with pink highlight

Bellatrix from the Star palette – Metallic nude

Golden Rose from the Purple Blue palette – Raspberry pink with gold iridescence



Do you own any of these palettes? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “My Favorites from my Natasha Denona Collection

  1. Love your posts, I keep checking regularly.. I recently shopped at Clionadh after reading your post.. ND eyeshadows -would love to own one someday..

    I like the triads you’ve put together.. Can you may be do a post showing how you use different bold eyeshadows for a more wearable office-type look?

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and the support 😊😊 I can definitely do that!
      Do you follow me on Instagram? I regularly share my office looks using bold shadows. I will see what I can do with some ND shadows.
      Thank you again! ❤

      1. I don’t have instagram account yet.. I know, shocking nowadays:(
        But now I’m inspired to start one so I can see what you came up with..

        1. 🙂 I got into it less than a year ago,! I get so inspired following other makeup accounts. It’s a huge time suck though I wont lie.

    1. Thank you so much! I agree about the cost. it gave me pause for such a long time. However, once i tried, I simply cannot go back. They are so luxurious, blend so beautifully, and last all day.

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