My Latest Nabla Cosmetics Haul: A Duochrome Daydream

My Latest Nabla Cosmetics Haul: A Duochrome Daydream

After cascades of gorgeous Instagram images, I finally decided to pull the trigger on Nabla Cosmetics.

Nabla Cosmetics ( is a cruelty-free, Italy-based Indie cosmetics company. I most frequently see frenzy around Nabla’s eyeshadow palettes (their Dreamy eyeshadow palette sold out before I could make up my mind on it – too late!) and their single eyeshadow, Alchemy.

I decided to order Alchemy and a few other single eyeshadows. My order shipped out via FedEx the next day – it took 4 days for it to arrive at my doorstep. This was a great first impression – Nabla is highly professional and really pays attention to their customers’ needs, i.e. I want my duochrome eyeshadows NOW! The eyeshadows arrived in a nice, zip-lockable plastic bag. I think I will continue to store my shadows in this bag as singles instead of moving them into a Z palette; the packaging is just too pretty (and functional) to discard.   


Here is a photo of all 9 eyeshadows that I ordered.

I first did an arm swatch with my finger, no primer, and was immensely disappointed. It took me several swipes of my fingertip to build up this pigment. Top to Bottom, we have Glasswork, Absinthe, Water Dream, Desire, Millennium, Selfish, Madreperla, Alchemy, and Unrestricted.

As you can see, these appear weak, washed out, and underwhelming.

I wasn’t being fair to these beauties – this is clearly not the best way to apply these shadows. I decided to do eye swatches over my Holy Grail sticky base – the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Here are the results – Va Va Voom! All are taken under my indoor vanity lighting.

Alchemy – Burnt peach duochrome with fuchsia and teal reflects.

This eyeshadow is € 11,50 but you can buy the refill only (no compact included) for € 9,90. Yes, these are quite pricey.

I was most interested in this shade due to the plethora of lust-inducing Instagram images. Well, my eye swatch did not disappoint.

I don’t quite see the burnt peach but I definitely see notes of fuchsia, teal, violet, and a darker pink gradient. The teal was a lot stronger in the shadow.

Desire Rose gold of a medium tonality. Bright.

I paid € 6,50 for the pan only.

This is a very pretty color. Yes, it is rose gold but it is also a rose / gold duochrome. It has a rose lowlight and gold highlight effect which adds so much dimension to the eye. I wore this one to work on its own – there was no need to contour my eyelid. The eyeshadow lasted all day without creasing. To work, I wore this under my Eccentric Cosmetics primer so the effect wasn’t quite this intense – but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Millennium Light gold duochrome with coral-pink reflects.

This is a satin finish eyeshadow that retails for  € 6,50.


This appears as a baby pink base with a light gold overlay. T is quite pretty but I would likely use it in combination with other shadows – it is too light to be worn on its own for my skintone.

Unrestricted Plum-burgundy duochrome with strong golden sheen. Bright.


I am not a big fan of this one. I found the texture a little harder to work with. It had glitter-like micro particles over a solid base color. To me, this was more of a dark brown – I don’t see plum-burgundy but maybe it will be more apparent in different lighting. I will probably use these as more of a crease or outer V color as I do not think it stands on its own.

Water Dream – Nude top coat wet effect with reflective pearls.

The eyeshadow refill retails for € 7,90.

This is meant to be more of a top coat, although it stands very well on its own. It would also look great layered over a matte shadow with a lighter hand.

Absinthe Terracotta with strawberry, teal and pale aqua green reflects. Bright.

The eyeshadow refill retails for € 6,50.

My jaw hit the floor when I swatched this. The duochrome is intense – I only had to turn my head slightly for the colors to roll all over onto each other.

It delivers on everything it promises – and more. At certain angles, it is definitely more terracotta and even plum-burgundy and at others, it shifts into a violet-fuchsia. The teal and aqua is prominent at all angles and elevates this to a sparkly, unforgettable look. My favorite so far!

Selfish Kaleidoscopic duochrome with a burnt teal base.

The eyeshadow refill retails for € 6,50. This is now sold out on Nabla’s website – and I can see why.

This is a lighter purple / violet with a strong army green shift. It is absolutely stunning. I own a lot of duochrome eyeshadows and this is truly unique.



This is pretty – but hard to understand. I see the mauve but it is very silvery – and I barely see any hazelnut. Away from the light, you can see a lighter nutty color, but it is very faint. This one doesn’t stand as well on its own but it would be beautiful as a lid color when combined with other shades.

Madreperla Duochrome Mother of Pearl.

The eyeshadow refill retails for € 6,50.


This was very unexpected – not what I thought it would be when I purchased it. However, it was a happy surprise. I was not anticipating that green – the duochrome effect on this one is breathtaking and very unique.

This eyeshadow also had more of a denser, more opaque quality to it than some of the others which offered more of a wet sheen appearance. I needed to layer less to achieve the look I wanted.

Overall, I am very happy with my Nabla haul and will keep a close eye on future launches. If I were to choose my top 3, these would be Absinthe, Selfish, and Madreperla.

Do you enjoy Nabla Cosmetics’ products? What are your favorites?

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