My Looxi Beauty Highlighters

My Looxi Beauty Highlighters

I really enjoy Looxi Beauty as a brand ( Another Instagram find, I find the company’s eyeshadows and highlighters pigmented, developed in an interesting range of colors, and very reasonably priced (USD 5.00 for a 26mm eyeshadow pan and USD 7.50 for a 35mm highlighter pan). The company also has some great deals on their ‘Steals & Deals’ page where typically discontinued shades are sold at half price.

I own a couple of highlighters from Looxi and I would say these two colors are probably the best if you have medium South Asian skintone like mine and you are looking for a darker, more striking highlight.

These are the two shades that I own and their descriptions from Looxi’s website:


Honey:   Golden bronze and copper highlight. Perfect for medium to deep skin tones

(This is on sale right now on Looxi’s website for USD 3.75 – 50% off).


Valley Girl: Bubble gum highlight with coral / gold undertones.


I did finger swatches of these in indoor lighting and next to my windows in natural lighting on a sunny day.

Indoor light: L – Honey; R – Valley Girl

Outdoor light: L – Honey; R – Valley Girl

I then did brush swatches also in indoor lighting and next to my windows in natural lighting on a sunny day.

Honey – Indoor light

Honey – Outdoor light

Valley Girl was extremely interesting when swatched with a brush. I got different hues at different angles in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Valley Girl – Both swatches in indoor lighting

Valley Girl – Both swatches in outdoor lighting.

As you can see, these highlighters are highly pigmented – the colors are rich and have a gorgeous, slippery golden sheen.

In the brush swatches, the duochrome shift is quite apparent and the colors impart a dynamic multi-dimensional glow.

The formula is soft and almost slippery when swatched with a finger. As I start to use it more, I find the pigment has an almost damp consistency which leads to tiny crumbs of condensed powder developing under the surface. This leads to quite a bit of fallout with application so a gentler hand is recommended. I find that these crumbs of powder cling to my fan brush when applying which makes it harder to control the pigment that is transferring to my face. This is the only downside of these highlighters in my view; however, the price point makes them well worth it.

Have you tried Looxi highlighters? If I were to buy more, which shades would you recommend? I have been eyeing the new highlighters that came out with the Precious Metals 2 collection.


4 thoughts on “My Looxi Beauty Highlighters

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! They are quite beautiful and work so well for a bold highlight. 🙂 I would definitely recommend.

    1. Thank you so much! I completely agree. I love these for when I am looking for a bold highlight. 🙂

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