Pat McGrath Lust Matte Trance Brights

Pat McGrath Lust Matte Trance Brights

Today, I am doing something I should have done a very long time ago – lip swatching the three bright shades from the Pat McGrath Lust Matte Trance collection which formed the Colour Blitz trio, originally released last year. The lipsticks came out in 3 trios:

  1. Skin Show (Nudes)
  2. Colour Blitz (Brights)
  3. Vicious Venoms (Darks)

I purchased the first 2 trios and only one colour from the Darks. I purchased my lipsticks from Sephora for CAD 52.00 each (US$38) or CAD 130.00 for the set. However, Pat McGrath has since released mini versions of the Skin Show set which is currently available for CAD 32.00 at Sephora. The full size trios are still available on Pat McGrath’s website for CAD 130.00, although the Skin Show and the Vicious Venoms trio is sold out at the moment.

Here are my swatches of the Colour Blitz collection, which are my go-to lipsticks for when I am looking for a bright lip in a hurry.

Elson – Blue red


This is a universally flattering  shade due to the blue undertone. It is the perfect classic red lip.

Obsessed – Bright orange red

This has a more orangey tone to it. It is a very interesting shade because the tube looks quite orange and in brighter lighting, it definitely leans orange. However, in photos and in dimmer lighting situations, it ends up looking a lot more red.

Full Panic – Bright Fuchsia

Pink – what else can I say? Bold and bright pink. This one does tend to go on slightly patchier than Elson and Obsessed. It feathers out a bit more but it is nothing that cannot be controlled via careful application.

Overall, the formula is creamy and quite contrary to what you would expect from a matte formulation. The colour is rich and opaque and glides on like butter. They do dry down and can cause some inner lip dryness after a couple of hours. I find that it helps to use balm underneath and then let it dry before lipstick application. I don’t generally re-apply my lipstick and I find that these fade beautifully and evenly without leaving patches and streaks.

One gripe I have is that the packaging, despite the luxe feel, is cheap and not durable. The golden covering on the tube of many of my lipsticks has come unglued which makes it difficult to open the lipstick before use. A photo would probably explain it better.

Intact tube – what it is supposed to look like

Broken tubes:

I really hope that Pat McGrath works on this issue because these lipsticks are too beautiful to be marred by something easily fixable like that. Particularly for the price point, this is not an issue customers would expect.

Overall, I absolutely love these lipsticks and definitely intend to continue to grow my collection.

2 thoughts on “Pat McGrath Lust Matte Trance Brights

    1. Thank you so much! I love these lipsticks 😁 they feel so nice and luxurious and the colours are opaque in one swipe. The pricing is ridiculous I cannot argue with that. If you do want to try, I would suggest start with the minis at 32 bucks for a set of 3. Then you at least know you like the formula before splurging. The good thing though is that if you buy the full size you can return them to Sephora if you hate them.

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