Swatching some Fyrinnae Pigments

Swatching some Fyrinnae Pigments

Today was a tough day – which means that the best way to soothe myself after work was to play with some duochrome pigments.

Today I dipped into my vast collection of Fyrinnae pigments and decide to swatch a few for my (and your) viewing pleasure. The below is a small sample of my mini pigments collection from Fyrinnae Cosmetics.

Fyrinnae ( makes some magical pigments – most of my collection consists of pigments from their duochrome and multichrome Arcane Magic and Exquisites product lines.

Disclaimer: Fyrinnae shadows are really hard to accurately photograph!

Left to right, we have… 


Werewolf Moon – Rich multi-hued turquoise with a golden-green highlight becomes blue to nearly violet when at an angle or closer to light.

Part of the ‘Arcane Magic’ line, described as ‘specialized colors with a highlight which changes hue depending on how the light hits it’.

The mini size (¼ teaspoon) retails for USD$3.00.

To me this appeared as a moss green to turquoise with a darker green under-thread.

MeerkatVibrant pink-purple with gold shimmer and sparkle highlight

Part of Fyrinnae’s regular duochrome collection.

The mini size (⅓ teaspoon) retails for USD $2.95.

This was true to description for me – the gold shimmer highlight makes this a great choice for a fancier evening look.

Conjuror Rich burgundy-brick shade filled with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson-pink, depending on proximity to light or angle.

Part of the Arcane Magic line; retails for USD $3.00 for the mini (¼ teaspoon) size.

Burgundy, violet, aqua, silver – this shade has it all. One of my favorites!

Nepenthe Vivid, metallic Byzantium purple

This is a richly pigmented eyeshadow – Fyrinnae was nice enough to send this to me as a freebie with my regular order.

The purple is vibrant with lots of dimension – this isn’t a color I usually wear but it would work great layered with lighter pinks and silver.

Through the Prism Sparkling bright pink turns copper then gold then chartreuse then Kelly green. Sparkling metallic finish.

This is part of Fyrinnae’s Exquisites collection which is basically their arcane magic shadows magnified. The company describes them as: stronger color changes and lack an opaque contrasting base color.

I paid USD $4.25 for the mini (¼ tsp) size.

I have done a terrible job photographing this shade – it looks incredibly lackluster in my swatch. It looks very dark purple-copper in the swatch but if you look at the edges you can see glimpses of green. I definitely do not see the bright pink in this one – it is a richer, fruitier, more wine shade.

The second series of swatches (Left to Right):

Princess for a DayTurquoise-blue sparkle tops a sheer burgundy hue for a striking effect. Closer to light or at certain angles, it turns vivid pink

Part of the Exquisites collection; retails for USD $3.15 for the mini (¼ tsp) size.

I like this shade; however, it is much flakier with dispersed pigments which makes application more challenging than for Fyrinnae’s other shadows. In the photo, it looks quite pink but does have a golden undertone which makes it quite dynamic. This eyeshadow works best patted over a matte base. Glitter primer is an absolute must.

Yurei’s WrathVery striking satiny-metallic pink-red, which turns to a warm red to orange to golden-orange

Part of Fyrinnae’s Arcane Magic line, this retails for USD $3.00 for the mini (¼ tsp) size.

This delivers a rich color payoff with mostly satin red and a burnt orange undertone – beautiful!

Pyromantic Erotica deep orange with an obvious chartreuse highlight. As it gets closer to light, the shadow changes to a brighter, gleaming orange.

Part of the Arcane Magic line, this retails for USD $3.00 for the mini (¼ tsp) size.

I love this – this is a royal gold at certain angles and a juicy orange at others.

Prismatic ThunderstormA burgundy-wine matte base is topped with shimmer which turns from lime green to blue to purple, and a touch of similar sparkle.

Part of the Arcane Magic line, this retails for USD $3.00 for the mini (¼ tsp) size.

This is primarily a burgundy base with silver-green layered on top. It is quite striking – it reminds me of one of my favorite duochrome eyeshadows – 84 by Inglot Cosmetics (covered in my March favorite duochrome eyeshadows post).

Velveteen WerewolfComplex whirl of lime green and gold on a shimmering brown base, graced with a touch of lavender sparkle. Moved close to light or at an angle, and the shadow warms to hues of peach and pink on rusty brown.

Part of the Arcane Magic line, this retails for USD $3.00 for the mini (¼ tsp) size.

I don’t really see lavender or notes of peach or pink – this is a very strong green overlay with gold highlights over a darker brown base. It is a gorgeous shadow.

Wicked Deep semi-matte purple with turquoise shimmer.

This retails for USD $2.95 for the mini (⅓ tsp) size.

I definitely see violet and a deep eggplant base with a royal blue highlight. This is technically not a multi-chrome eyeshadow. Fyrinnae recommends that this not be swatched over their Pixie Epoxy primer; however, I kind of like the way this looks.

I ran through my Pixie Epoxy sample size swatching these shadows, so it’s a good thing I ordered the full size!

Have you tried Fyrinnae? If not, what are you waiting for?

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