Syzygy Cosmetics Comet Crush Palette

Syzygy Cosmetics Comet Crush Palette

Syzygy Cosmetics ( is another brand I discovered while browsing the #duochromeeyeshadow hashtag on Instagram. This is my favourite hashtag, by the way. Syzygy is an indie cosmetics company that was established in June 2017. 

The brand claims to be the first to offer all duochrome products. They might be right – although I know of dozens of brands producing gorgeous duochrome products, these tend to be the crowning jewels in a collection of other super-performer products.

The brand’s centerpiece product is their Comet Crush palette which retails for USD 28.99 on their website. You can also purchase the palette at Amazon, where it is materially cheaper at USD 20.89. I bought the palette from Amazon.


Here is a description of the palette from Syzygy’s website:

Containing 6 chameleon glow eyeshadows with transformable colors from different angles, this palette goes beyond everyday cosmetics to give you a powerful makeup experience, and to bring out your distinctive beauty in an unique way. From formal occasions to nightclub parties, you will undoubtedly be très chic in our galaxy.

After purchasing this palette, I waited for a really long time to play around with it, owing to a controversy that subsequently arose with the brand. Essentially, there was doubt cast about the company’s claims of being cruelty-free as well as the authenticity of their web content (which appeared to be plagiarized from another well-known Indie). Therefore, if you feel strongly about using only cruelty-free makeup, I wouldn’t recommend that you try this brand.

Notwithstanding the controversy, I can never let makeup sit around in my drawer for too long (throwing it away is physically painful for me); therefore, I finally decided to set judgment aside and swatch and create some eye looks. To my pleasant surprise, the palette is not bad at all.

Here are my swatches.

I finger swatched these over an unprimed arm. The colours are really pretty and the duochrome is quite apparent. These are more satiny shades – they don’t scream colour but the pigment is fine and goes on and blends nicely.


Here are the eye looks I created with this palette. 

This first look was a quick one-and-done for work. I patted Nova all over my lid and blended it out.

Look 1:

I was impressed with the wearability of the shadow – it did last all day when worn over regular primer.

I created two other looks with this palette, one warmer rosy one and another more cool toned, space-y one.

Look 2:

Look 3:

A couple more photos:

Overall, I like this palette and will continue to use it. I love the idea of all duochrome palettes. It’s too bad not many brands go down this path. Let me know of any other all duochrome palettes you know of that I may want to look into.

Do you own the Comet Crush palette? What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Syzygy Cosmetics Comet Crush Palette

  1. I have never even heard about this company or the drama behind it but I am a sucker for anything duochrome so this is right up my ally. After reading your blog post I want to purchase it cause your eye looks were beautiful something about shimmer and color change just makes my heart happy 💖 thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you 😊 I am actually glad I bought this. I am a sucker for duochromes. I am always on the hunt for small indies to try -at least Syzygy was quite apologetic about the drama unlike some companies that start throwing accusations around and being rude to potential or current customers.

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