The Rose Nudes – A Lipstick Review

The Rose Nudes – A Lipstick Review

I wear lipstick every day. Before I had laser eye surgery, I couldn’t really wear eyeshadow – I couldn’t see myself in the mirror without glasses! – and my sensitive eyes couldn’t handle contacts. So lipstick was the most ‘fun’ part of my everyday look where I could dress up one of the more prominent features on my face – my lips!

These days I find that my eyeshadow generally takes center stage and the lipstick needs to counterbalance it.

In the workplace, I skirt the edges of professional with my eyeshadow – no ornate decals or racoon smoky eyes but definitely satins, shimmers, and some glitters. When I am wearing shimmers and glitters – eye jewelry as I call them – around my peepers, my lipstick, by default, needs to help tone things down. Also, I find that because I have fuller lips, wearing a bold lip just stands out a little too much for my liking. I have tiny eyes so the bold eyeshadow doesn’t necessarily look overdone.

Today I am sharing some rosy nudes that I am currently crazy about. I find that brown or beige undertone nudes wash me out. When I want ‘nude’, I generally pick rosy nudes that brighten my look in a my-lips-but-better way but also allow the rest of my makeup to take the podium.

Pat McGrath – Omi

Described by the brand as: ‘mid-tone rose’

I originally purchased this back in Sep 2017 with most of the Lust MatteTrance collection. I recall the frenzy around this collection.

Copyright: Pat McGrath Labs

I was absolutely desperate to get my hands on these! I thought about buying the full set of 9; however, I couldn’t imagine myself getting any use out of Deep Void and I thought McMenamy was too dark gothic for me as well. I ended up getting the remaining 7 shades as singles  – Omi was the medium one of the 3 shades in the Skin Show Nudes set.

I do feel that this collection was overhyped; my expectations were so high that initially I was disappointed with the performance of these lipsticks. At CAD$52 a pop, they were quite pricey so having the color wear off by the middle of the workday was crushing as was the need to moisturize my lips every hour or so due to the dryness.

However, what stood out right away was the color story. And eventually I adjusted my expectations and fell in love.


As you can tell by the tube pic, this lipstick is almost half used in a matter of 6 months; this is my go-to – I use it a lot! Omi is the pick whenever I am not in the mood to plan out a look, when I am in a rush, when I am tired and want to look presentable – basically, I will find any excuse to wear this. It is easy, effortless, a workhorse, reliable, and slides like velvet on my lips!


Urban Decay – Rush

This lipstick is part of Urban Decay’s ‘cream’ formulation and is described by the brand as: a warm mauve with a cream finish.

I am a big fan of Urban Decay’s Vice lipsticks. They are long-lasting, non-drying, pigmented, and reasonably priced at CAD$21 a tube. The sheer number of shades is a little overwhelming – 122 permanent on Urban Decay’s website as of today! That doesn’t even include the 20 additional Sephora exclusives. And the shades do get repetitive with a hair’s breadth between each – but the different finishes (there are 6!) does help set them apart. I have several shades which are basically the same color in different finishes.

There are a few staples in my vast Urban Decay Vice collection that consistently deliver – Rush is one of them.


The texture is creamy and satiny with a glossy, high-shine finish that effortlessly goes from day to night. In brighter lighting, the finish almost has a light purple cast; in indoor lighting, the pinky mauve complements my complexion perfectly.


Jouer – Naked

Jouer was a recent discovery on Beautylish last year. This is a formerly Indie brand that I consider relatively mainstream now. Over the holidays last year, Jouer came out with some mini sets which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out their Long Wear Lip Cremes.

Naked was part of the Best of Nudes mini gift set. I paid USD$34 for 8 minis – Naked is my day-to-day favorite. Naked is described as: a matte, cool, peachy pink

This shade doesn’t appear to be available on Jouer’s website or on Beautylish anymore, which is disappointing. I really hope it makes a reappearance so I can repurchase when I run out of my mini version!

This shade is pinker than Omi and Rush, particularly in bright light. It is also incredibly matte – once it dries down (very quickly), it is not budging. That makes it perfect for those days when I am rushing from meeting to meeting with no opportunity to reapply – and a need to look fresh, professional, and put-together. ‘Long-wear’ is not an idle claim – this product really, really delivers. I also find that – despite the matte – this formula does not dry my lips – at all. I do not feel the need to apply balm every hour or two the way I do with the Pat McGrath formula which is almost grainy and tends to feel like residue on my lips after a few hours.

The downside is that I do find the liquid formula of Jouer hard to evenly apply – being no makeup expert and needing to glide and go due to my hectic schedule. My lipstick needs to be on in 10 seconds – with no need for lip brush, fine tuning the edges, etc. That makes the Pat McGrath lipsticks incredibly attractive – with the one swipe high-pigmentation color.

Here are swatches of all 3 shades. They look fairly similar to one another once swatched – Omi is the darkest of the three, Rush is the creamiest, and Naked is the densest.

Check out my arm after a rub-down with micellar water – yes, I rubbed down the Naked swatch just as I did the others. This is a demonstration of how long-wearing and tenacious the Jouer lip cremes are – it will take more than a splash of micellar water to make them budge. This makes them a great choice for a working woman on the go.

And here is a shot of all 3:

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual, Indie-focused musings. I actually do not have many Indie lipsticks – I find that not a lot of Indie companies focus on lipstick. If you know of any good ones, do share – I would love to try them out!



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    1. I would definitely recommend that Pat McGrath lipsticks! The colors are so beautiful. I do caution that they are somewhat drying – I always layer lip balm under which makes them more comfortable to wear.

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