TouchofGlam Beauty – Highlighter Haul

TouchofGlam Beauty – Highlighter Haul

I recently welcomed my first order from TouchofGlam Beauty and spent all day in a ferocious swatch-fest. Here is a link to my post on the duochrome multidimensional palette: TouchofGlam Beauty Duochrome Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

In addition to the eyeshadows, I also ordered 5 highlighters, every one a distinct and colour-intense pan that stood apart from the others.

Here are my swatches of all 5 highlighters that I ordered. These are finger swatches with no primer. I used my finger so I can capture the full pigment of the colour.  

These highlighters are incredibly soft – I had to be careful when pressing down with my finger. The consistency was almost creamy and melted into my skin.

Top to Bottom:

1) Tale of a Mermaid; 2) Girl’s Night Out; 3) Love vs Lust; 4) Break of Dawn; 5) Sweet Temptations

The first photo swatches are in yellow-toned indoor light and the second are under my white vanity light.

Here are some close-ups. Left to right:

1) Sweet Temptations; 2) Break of Dawn; 3) Love vs Lust; 4) Girl’s Night Out; 5) Tale of a Mermaid


I also swatched each highlighter on my hand with a brush. This was to capture what the pigment would actually look like when applied to the skin – the duochrome finish and colour complexity really comes through here and I am excited to see what these highlighters would look like when integrated into a full look.

I found the powders very easy to work with a brush. I would use a softer fan brush to really distribute the pigment evenly over the skin. I would also recommend using a gentle hand, although the fallout was minimal with these.

Tale of a Mermaid a sparkly pinky lilac duochrome that shifts to gold to green to blue.

CAD $16.00 for the 37mm pan. I got 40% off my order so I paid CAD $9.60.

Under yellower light, this looks a lot more pink with a shiny white gold shift. Under white light, the purple / lilac really comes out. My first swatch really didn’t reveal any green or blue; however, this may be more apparent in outdoor light.

The brush swatch was a lot more subtle – quite suitable for a day-to-day highlighter. I can definitely see pale pink to lilac overlayed by a soft gold sheen.

Girl’s Night Outa purple mauve with aqua and green shift.

CAD $16.00 for the 37mm pan. I got 40% off my order so I paid CAD $9.60.

I was initially nervous about whether this could work as a highlighter – it is quite dark and the finger swatch deposited a rich layer of opaque purple-mauve pigment. The shift is aqua to almost turquoise – I didn’t see much green here. This would make a beautiful eyeshadow.

The brush swatch actually showed a much more wearable colour – this is perfect if you are looking to bring the drama because this highlighter would definitely own any room it walks into. The higher angles showed the darker purple / mauve that was the centerpiece of the finger swatch with the flat planes of my hand glowing more silver / aqua.

Love vs Lust a rosey mauve duochrome which shifts to lilac to violet.

CAD $16.00 for the 37mm pan. I got 40% off my order so I paid CAD $9.60.

This was the most interesting of the colours. I fully expected this to be more rose and violet toned. However, it swatched almost an earth tone with a pink / violet / copper shift. At certain angles, it looked like a rosy ash brown.

The brush swatch looked different from the finger swatch. The base is definitely still an earth tone but there is a much stronger overlay of rose / lilac / violet where the light hits. This works so well with my skintone as the earth tone aspect of the highlighter blends perfectly into my South Asian complexion. This is simply stunning and I cannot wait to use it.

Break of Dawna rosey coral duochrome with copper gold shift.

CAD $16.00 for the 37mm pan. I got 40% off my order so I paid CAD $9.60.

The finger swatch showed this is more of a rose to peach with a pale gold shift. This one swatches beautifully on the hand – the rose, coral, copper, and gold all flow into each other, perfectly hugging the shadows and angles of my hand.

Sweet Temptations a mauvey rose with peachy gold shift.

CAD $13.33 for the 37mm pan. I got 40% off my order so I paid CAD $8.00.

The finger swatch shows this is a peachy rose gold – very bronzed goddess glow.

The brush swatch is similar but not quite as intense – very glowy peachy gold. The mauve comes through much better in the brush swatch.

This highlighter reminds me quite a bit of Blushing Bride by Vanessa’s Vanity which I reviewed in my blog post here: Sunday Highlighter Reel

These highlighters are intense, pigmented, easy to work with, super soft, blendable, finely milled, and melt-into-your skin glow givers. You can use these as eyeshadows if you use your fingertip to intensity the pigment. A fan brush is the best way to go if you want to sweep it across the high points of your cheeks. Because the powder is so fine, it almost goes on like a sheen – not like the granulated, chunky look some highlighters get when the particles do not thoroughly separate. Highly recommend!

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    1. Thanks for reading! They are certainly quite gorgeous. 🙂 I am looking forward to working these highlighters into my spring makeup looks!

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