Violet Voss: Like A Boss Palette

Violet Voss: Like A Boss Palette

I am currently lusting after 2 Violet Voss palettes – the Rainbow palette and the Flamingo palette.

I have swatched the Rainbow palette at my local Sephora twice now. The reason I haven’t purchased it is that I don’t use those rich bright colors very often.

The Flamingo palette speaks to me at a fundamental level – the colors are so me! I would have bought it by now if not for the mixed reviews on Sephora. Too many people are saying the mattes are not pigmented, which is giving me pause.

As I try to decide which way to go with these two palettes, I thought I would swatch and review the only Violet Voss palette I own – the Like A Boss palette.

The Like A Boss palette retails for CAD $60.00 at Sephora. It consists of 20 0.06 oz pans – 8 mattes and 12 foils / shimmers. I purchased this mostly for the foils and shimmers which are absolutely stunning.

As a female boss, I find the theme and shadow names to be somewhat cringe-worthy. It seems to evocate a teenager’s idea of what it is like to be a boss. Names like ‘Adulting’, ‘Smart AF’, and ‘Amazeballs’ are eye-roll inducing. Thankfully, the colour story and the quality of the shadows makes up for it.

I swatched this over a base of Mac Prep + Prime.

Here is the first row:

Hustle is a melt-into-my skin colour that is a couple of shades warmer than my actual skintone. This makes the perfect base colour for me. This is followed by 2 beautiful warm-toned shimmers, Baddie and Queen. Two bold mattes, Boss and Strong, round out this row. Boss and Strong are great for darkening the crease and for the outer V. Boss goes on evenly but Strong is somewhat patchy.


The second row:


Fierce is a beautiful peachy metallic that is great for highlighting the browbone. Serve is a buttery matte transition shade. Realness makes me go weak in the knees – this is a richly pigmented bronze with a gold shift. Werk is a satin red which goes on evenly and blends beautifully. This shade buffs down to an almost matte finish. Snatched is a bold matte which is a dark coffee bean shade but turns to almost a plum as you layer on – it is highly pigmented but not patchy and one of my favorite mattes from this palette.


The third row:

WCW is an ashy, cool-toned earth tone – not my favorite colour but can be used as a base for some looks. This also applies relatively patchy. This is followed by 3 absolutely stunning metallics – Amazeballs, Girl Crush, and Adulting (beautiful enough for me to forgive the cringe-worthy names). Amazeballs is a rose-toned metallic with a light gold shift. Girl Crush is the perfect yellow gold. Adulting is a dark bronze with a gold shift. Motivate is the ashy, cool-toned cousin to Snatched – but not as loved, even though it does apply nicely and evenly.


The fourth row:

My favourite row – 4 gorgeous shimmer / metallics followed by a bold matte black. Swag is a shimmering white (and I don’t even wear white eyeshadow) with a gold shift. White typically looks ashy and streaky on me but this is a rare exception. Extra is a light copper with a gold shift. Smart AF is the true duochrome of this palette – it is a dark burgundy earth tone with a blue / violet shift. As soon as I swatched this one in store, I knew I had to have this palette. Royal is the perfect shimmery royal blue. Inspo is a true black which makes a killer liner with a wet brush.


All in all, this palette is a complete win for me. Some of the shimmers have an almost wet quality to them which means they glide on like hot butter on toast. However, they are firmly packed into the pan which minimizes the risk of accidentally picking up too much product. The darker mattes in this palette are very pigmented. In fact, I had to scrub them off my arm as they didn’t come off with my usual micellar water and soap! The variety of co lours means you can create many cohesive looks with this palette only.

So – now that I have swatched and talked about the Like A Boss palette, I want the Rainbow and the Flamingo even more. Oh dang.


12 thoughts on “Violet Voss: Like A Boss Palette

  1. Those last two rows are outstanding. I debated the Flamingo palette, but I have so many light and colorful singles from various brands I don’t know that I can justify the purchase. The swatches look gorgeous though.

  2. This palette looks amazing. I feel like I don’t have enough palettes myself but if I buy them I won’t use them all. So many decisions to make and so much more palettes out there. What is s girl to do?

    1. I completely agree! So many of my palettes are barely used because I only pull them out a couple of times a month. I have no self control though. Its tough for me to pass up on something I am completely enamored by.

  3. Hey Hurriya! I love the metallics in this palette. But I agree with you about the names! If you like muted colors you might want to try out the a2o lab palettes. They just came out with five new ones and they are BEAUTIFUL! Love child has a beautiful duo chrome, And Wild Flower has some gorgeous deep greens (and the names aren’t bad either). I have heard some good things about this line, especially about how pigmented the shadows are, but haven’t tried them myself yet. It’s a wonderful thing when the colors don’t look ashy on your skin!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I haven’t tried this brand but I will check it out. 😊 thank you also for the recommendation on Shop Miss A! My mom told me about that. Thanks for your support on IG too! Asma mentioned you are a makeup lover too! We should chat. WhatsApp me or maybe we can connect on IG.

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